Best Plans @ Best Pricing

As a leading internet service providing company Nextel Communications have some of the best plans for you. The flexibility of plans coupled with reasonable charges make Nextel the best in its business.

Top Highlights

  • Internet service will be provided to residential and business establishments via Fiber to the Home/ Building FTTH/ FTTB technology
  • Availability of service is subject to technical feasibility.
  • Plans are designed on pre-paid basis. You can choose your plan. The first recharge amount would be collected from you at the time of application.

Terms & Conditions

  • ONT/ CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) will be provided free of charge by Nextel Communications as per plans opted by customers.
  • At the time of discontinuation ONT/ CPE will be collected back by Nextel.
  • Customers need to pay one-time installation charges at the time of service installation as per plans opted by customers.
  • If you subscribe for a long-duration plan (LDP), one-time installation charge and Router/CPE charges will be waived for you.
  • For monthly plans, customers need to pay Rs 1000/- or Rs. 2000/- for Wi-Fi router (applicable as per the plan you select).

Points to Note

  • The Tariff Plans/ Offers strictly abide to Guidelines/ Directions/ Orders issued by TRAI and/ or DoT.
  • The prices meant for the plans are exclusive of 18% GST (Goods & Services Tax).
  • At any point of time, Nextel Communications reserve ultimate rights to withdraw its tariff plan without any prior notice.