Add value with VAS

Broadband has now become a part and parcel of innumerable households. The cherry on the top – broadband services dished out with many Value-added services (VAS). We at Nextel, a leading name in dedicated Internet service providers, has carved a niche with VAS topped BB services.

Come, join hands with us – some of top products and services of Nextel are waiting right for you. Not just blazing fast Internet speed we bring utmost customer satisfaction with advanced value added services.

Snapshot of Nextel’s VAS

Blazing Fast Internet Connection:

Nextel is using latest FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) technology to offer lighting fast BB services to its users. The advanced fiber-optic communication delivery model is followed to reach out to homes or business organizations/ offices. It is also termed as FTTP (Fiber-to-the-premise)




Nextel has the necessary infrastructure to provide Intercom (intercommunication device) services to residential, commercial as well as business enterprises customers. Based on individual customer requirement, number scheme can be provided. We will also facilitate laying of infrastructure related to the setting of intercom in accordance to the mutual commercial agreement we have with a residential society or complex


Video Door Phone:


In today’s world security is of utmost importance because miscreants can cause mischief at any point of time. Our work schedule keeps us away from home for considerable number of hours; and we are bound to keep kids and old parents at home. But we are always worried about their safety. Now, you can leave all your worries on Nextel because we have VDP services for you. With Nextel Video Door Phone services, primarily for residential customers, you can keep a track on people coming to your home and allow restricted access for few.




Close-circuit television or CCTV is another top security measure that many households are resorting to, keeping in mind the security concerns troubling our existence. You can secure your space and monitor people activities with Nextel’s CCTV solutions and services residential, commercial and enterprises customers. We have the perfect customized solution for you.


Access Control:


Access control (AC), as the name suggests, is another top security feature which offers restrictive, selective access. Authorized permission is needed to access a place. At Nextel, you can opt for AC services for residential and commercial customers. Avail our services and control access; it can be used at all major entry and exit points of a large residential complex or commercial organization, lift lobbies and boom barriers.




Nextel can provide Wi-Fi or wireless local area networking in common residential areas, club rooms and in common access areas of an office as per the needs to the customers. Nextel can help you in setting a wireless router to create a hotspot, which offers easy Internet access to people in the vicinity of the router.